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Welcome to my blog

…which is essentially a place for me to document interesting, unique, or one-off findings in the journey of IT administration and developing custom PowerShell solutions, and hopefully of use to you.

Having an emphasis on PowerShell provides much opportunity in the Microsoft ecosystem, whether it’s traditional on-prem technologies like Active Directory, Group Policy, or remotely configuring and monitoring network systems… or in modern computing with Azure AD, Intune, Autopilot, and much more.

However, I love the challenge and unique approach of automating non-Microsoft technologies with PowerShell, be it on Windows, macOS, third-party apps, or whatever. Why? Because PowerShell is FUN. And if built right, the tools you make are easy for non-technical users to use.

One of My Favorite (Non-Microsoft) Projects

…was developing automation for multilingual (multitrack) live streaming, reaching a world-wide audience, using PowerShell (started with 6.0.0-alpha), Bash, and AppleScript on macOS, to automate nearly 100% of the following:

  1. Startup of live streaming events (with minimal input prompts).
  2. Unattended shutdown driven by specified countdown timer or audio level.
  3. Ship multitrack file to processing computer to:
    1. Create single tracks (per language).
    2. Create and tag MP3 and archive quality files based on metadata stored online.
    3. Upload all files and enable access for worldwide audience.
    4. Transfer multitrack file for backup.

In Conclusion

…expect to find a mix of topics documented here.

November 2021 Update - I am attempting to revive this blog from its dormant phase, and add more interesting content like Microsoft Endpoint Manager and much more.